Liquip International Pvt. Ltd.


The Liquip Equipment Division is a global center of excellence in loading and vapour recovery for fuel tankers. 40+ years of innovation in designs that enhance safety and minimize risk to operators and oil companies have resulted in products like our Velvet Touch loading arms and Diptronic gauging.

Liquip International specialise in the design, development and manufacture of premium quality equipment for the bulk handling of fuels and related chemicals. If you require safe, smart and efficient systems for dispensing, monitoring and managing hydrocarbons, Liquip International will work with you to design the best value for money solution


Our original range of products includes Manhole Covers, Quality Valves for Road Tankers and Overfill Equipment as specified within the API RP1004 bottom loading and vapour recovery code. From this we have further invented and developed some of the industry’s most prestigious and well- regarded products including:

  • Diptronic weights and measures approved radar gauge for road tankers
  • AGP glass overfill probes for use with caustic substances
  • EMH range of electronic meter registers
  • Velvet Touch Loading Arms for easy truck to gantry connection


To complement our manufactured product we also distribute other globally recognised brands such as Sampi meters, Kanon heavy duty stainless swivels, and Manntek couplers and breakaways. Liquip jointly develops solutions with partners like Camozzi Pneumatics and Chubb Fire providing customers with unmatched expertise.

The Liquip Equipment division offers a high level of technical advice and support allowing our customers to deliver excellent return on investment to their end users in the following market segments:

* Terminal Automation Integrators –  we design and supply efficient and ergonomically friendlly solutions for fuel including LPG
* Terminal & Depot Operators – upgrades, spare parts, filtration, overfill and gauging systems
* Fuel Tanker Manufacturers  – we manufacture every component you need to build a road tanker 
* Fuel Hauliers & Distributors – we work with our end users to provide metering and dispensing systems as well as back up service and spares from our distributors and workshops