ATCON Provides a Maintenance service for Bulk Plant location through its association with experienced companies already involved in this sector of business services.




Atcon - Maint.

Atcon-Industrial Maint.

Through its association with the aircraft services international group and its subsidiary aircraft services limited, both organization being within the dial corporation and other as detailed below, ATCON is able to offer complete fuel facilities and system operations.

ATCON offers the services of its own expertise in the field of Aviation Refueling, Maintenance, Quality Control and Engineering, through personnel having through knowledge of the major airport location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to international airport.

ASIG operates in more than 36 International airports, with majority of its operations in mainland USA.

In addition ATCON has business arrangements with NATIONAL VALVE Engineering and Fluid Transfer Limited, both companies establish in design and construction of aviation refueling vehicles, specialist support vehicles, and ancillary equipment. Both this company had their equipment already in operation in Saudi Arabia and has experienced in the requirements and demands of the industry. They also provide support services for vehicle modification and upgrading which is becoming a feature of modern fueling fleet requirements.

Alan Cobham Engineering is a further associates company with extensive engineering expertise in all aspect of fuel handling components and system, fixed and mobile. In its own right, it has a filtration manufacturing capability qualified to military standards, and has already installed a number of military fueling facilities in Saudi Arabia.


ATCON offers a complete T & I Project services that is design to assist client Companies in meeting their Test & Inspection schedules and consequently limiting the potential for service disruption. To achieve this and to be able to reduce new technology, ATCON has secured arrangement with major experienced companies.

● EM & I Alliance

● Inter – Kleen Ltd.

● HTC Tank Cleaning Ltd.

● ROPLEX Engineering Ltd


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